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Since my last post 19 weeks ago (LJ tells me), I lost my job on 3/25 at Stop & Shop because I am an idiot, but it was considered job abandoment?? I was pissed. I miss it. So I was unemployed 'til May, and I worked a couple weeks at ETS doing dumb shit, but because I went to court one day they let me ago, BY SAYING I TOOK MY BREAKS AND LUNCH TOO LONG!! What the fuck, I was ALWAYS back early. Whatever. So now I'm unemployed again. I've been searching like crazy and had a couple interviews, but no work.

Hayden's awesome and 2 years old now. We still haven't gone back to court yet WTF. Some of the visitation expired, then I started working, so I didn't see him for like a month. Now I only see him an hour a week and it's BS! But anyways he's pretty smart and silly and we have lots of fun together when I do see him<3 He's super big now too. He comes up to my belt and I'm 5'6" in shoes. I think he's like 36lbs too.

Finally found a new guy! I am soooo happy with him. We've been talking for about a month and a half. His name is Andrew but everyone (including me unfort) calls him Graz. I've known him for a couple years because he was Kenny and I's "last resort" dealer, and I always kind thought he was cute but never said anything. But we started talkin' 'cos of Chrissy which is kind of funny since I met Kenny from Chrissy too ha! But he's so much better than Kenny in all ways. I'll make a list since I'm a douche.

Has teeth.
Not an alcoholic.
Has earlobes.
Showers on the regular.
Short nails.
Dresses better.
Has more potential.
More fun!
More charming<3
Eats chocolate and ice cream!!
Better conversation.
"Does me right" oooh he's AWESOME!!!

Oh and I'm finally losing weight really alot! I am now down to 153 =]

That's really all I can really think of right now. Here's a whole bunch of pics! And comment me!

It's my kid in a box! My kid in a box yeahhhh...

He licks soap for fun.

See my last post for more info, but this is 3 months later of my nail.

Side view.

Then later that night I ripped it off. It's all grown out now though =]

Me Graz (red) and CJ (Roxy's BF)

<333!! He looks kinda bad in pictures. Luckily he doesn't in real life.

Me and Jared being us.

Weight loss =] (actually me showing Chrissy that she should hold her camera portrait instead of landscape)

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Okay sooo since my last entry on 11/05/08 (friend's only)... I no longer work at the Picture People, worked for Joe Canal's or oh I would say like 2 weeks LOL and finally found myself a job at Stop & Shop. They pay is pretty bad ($8/hr) but it keeps me busy and I really like it. I'm a cashier and also work the self scan which if you didn't already know I just watch people ring up their own orders and bag them. So yeah the only thing that really sucks about the job is pay. There's ALOT of opportunity for advancement and there's other stores not TOOOOO far away (Dayton and Monroe) so if I am good and can get a nice promotion but it's one of those stores I don't mind.

Hayden is doing good. He talks my ear off but it's awesome because I give him my ear and he puts it back on LOL. For Christmas I got him clothes and "santa" got him a 3-in-1 trike and a fire truck ball pit. Kenny still has custody of him ugh but whatever, I'm doing what I can, and at least I'm seeing him now. So yeah let me think of what he says... paper, thank you, please, cat, dog, phone, Dora, door, chalk, tigger (LOL he calls both lions and tigers that), yak (there's a toy yak at the place I see him), cheese, cookie, pizza, soup, spoon, sink, water, shoe, sock, zip, ball, baby, hug, sit, ouch... yeah I really can't think of anything else. Oh and Kenny and I are allowed to e-mail each other about Hayden now, so I sent him some things but he only responded to the first one... I guess his mom won't let him respond back LOL. It says in the court order we can talk about Hayden's health, safety, and welfare. Well I guess Kenny is thinking about Hayden's physical health but I am mostly talking about his developmental health (and one about Hayden always tripping over his shoes so either way I don't know. And I'm supposed to be seeing Hayden 4 hours a week but the lady who does it now can still only do 2 so I am doing what I can with the courts to have them refer us to someone who can do it more.

Ahh all the shit between Kev and I is finally finished I think. I'm on probation and have to pay like $500 and do community service and some other stuff. My PO is awesome, like she's super strict but nice about it you know what I'm saying? Like she asked me if I smoked weed (which is kind of funny, she didn't ask if I did drugs, just weed) and I told her last time was New Years and she was talking about how sometimes her clients will be like yeahh sometimes I am just so stressed out it makes me relax and she'll be like I totally understand but there are better ways to cool off... like my smoking cigarettes LOL...

For my 21st birthday at 11/13 12:01am I went to Philly Park with Roxy and cashed out with $159... started with $100 highest I was at was like $180 something. For Christmas I did shit and for New Year's I hung out at Martene's.

That kid Ben I was talking about in my last entry... well I still really like him but I haven't actually hung out with him in ages. He never moved to TN. We were supposed to hang out on Christmas but when I was actually ready to go out he never answered so whatever I'm not going to push my luck. I saw him like last week at a friend's funeral and he said he finally got a job but that's about it. Oh well. Oh and Martene's boyfriend's friend Richard, I think likes me? But I think his married? Who knows LOL and I have him on MySpace and so I looked at his pictures and before he had this really ugly cowboy mustache and he was okay looking but yeah that ugly cowboy mustache... eh no. He's in the army too... but he's 27 and super immature and always says "baller". Like he's this gothy kid saying "baller". Eww LOL

A week or two ago I accidently slammed my finger in a door. Now it looks like a cartoon finger. It doesn't really hurt that much anymore (I can chew on it LMAO) but I think there's alot of excess blood in my finger which makes it look like a cartoon. Man you should have seen me. I was crying in the middle of the diner LOL acting like a baby. Oh well it was like 4am and besides the person who I was with there were only two other customers in there and they didn't pay attention to me. At least the person I was with I am comfortable with crying around. But when I looked up it looked like he was laughing at me and I was like stop laughing at me! And he got mad I guess he really wasn't but whatever.

Oh and the funniest thing!! This morning my mom fell on the ice HAHAHA that's what she gets for being a mean bitch!! I shouldn't have went outside to help her but I had to 'cos then I would be in some super shit.

That's all I can really say for now. Here's a whole bunch of pictures of random ass shit.... Collapse )

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Well I still haven't seen Hayden. Fuck my lawyer. Umm so I filed a motion for visitation that the judge can't deny because I have proof that Kenny's lawyer wanted me to have the visitation thanks to a fax I have from him... see the thing is that the lawyer suggested supervised visitation and my stupid lawyer made me reject that request. Well now I am going for it seeing that I haven't seen Hayden in like 3 months. Well yeah the hearing is on Halloween and I pretty much asked the judge to grant me supervised visitation. I also actually talked to a girl at Kenny's lawyer's office to tell her I'm not being represented by my stupid lawyer and she said something about how her boss has a hearing in another county and it might have to be adjourned I was like look if he can just put in the paper work for the visitation and everything is done and I can see Hayden before the hearing then I will call and cancel the hearing! And I haven't heard back from her. And the DYFS investigation is complete so we will be going back to court for custody so let's see what happens... I hope I can get joint 'cos I really want to know what's going on with my angel face.

Also I got a job!! It's probably only seasonal but I am SOOO happy. AND I get to cashier. Also not going to say where but if you want you can ask me by iM. I also have an interview for another place full time on Monday and I am thinking I probably will get it, which will be awesome and then I can fucking move out of this hell hole and get my life straight and hopefully have a happy nuturing family with Hayden again =]

Other than that life has been shitty. I have been working somewhere really part time but our schedules conflict alot so yeah I don't know... I might still work for her if I get this F/T job but probably not since I'll already be working two other jobs. Oh and I got my hair cut here's a picture...

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This is going to be long...

First I guess you want to know what's going on between Hayden, Kenny, and I. Well, first off Kenny filed for joint custody. I was kind of upset because he was around Hayden everyday and it felt like he wanted to see Hayden less as he was going for every weekend and holidays. So I went to Legal Aid and she was able to help me out for a little bit. Said we should go to mediation and family consouling as you probably already know Kenny and I would argue ALOT. Also because I saw her 10 days before the original court date we had to adjourn the court date because time already passed for me to send in my response papers, which is pretty much me responding to Kenny's testimonies...

1. At times the Defendant denies me the right to see my child when I request to.
a. He sees him everyday unless he’s too drunk to get up. He also denies he said this and that he only said #3.

2. The Defendant will only allow me to visit with him is she is present and will not allow me to have visitation with him without her present.
a. When he was younger (than 9 – 12 months old), this statement would be true. But it no longer is – I’ve allowed him to take Hayden anywhere I approve, such as some of Kenny’s friends houses, West Trenton firehouse, and of course to his house. He also takes him to these places with out letting me know before hand (since he picks Hayden up from daycare everyday).

3. On numerous occasions, I have requested that I be able to take my son to visit with my relative, only to be denied the request.
a. This has only happened once, but he took Hayden to his sibling’s house anyway.

4. I am seeking that an Order for custody be established by the Court so that I know when I can see my son.
a. As stated in 1a, he sees Hayden everyday. I can provide proof that he sees Hayden at least 4 times a week with documents from his day care.

5. I further request that a holiday schedule be put into place.
a. From what I remember, we discussed that he may take Hayden to his house on major family holidays for dinner. I never had a problem with this because Hayden and I weren’t invited anywhere else.

6. …my visitation being on the weekends…
a. Seems to me he wants to spend less time with Hayden, although he does not have any other obligations, such as work. He will be starting vocational school in September, but that is at night. Hayden enjoys his father’s company after he gets picked up daycare, and this playtime helps me study, as I’m a full time student.

I don't know but I guess Kenny got mad at everything about that. I wrote this before on cafemom and if I never wrote it I wouldn't write it again LOL. On July 22, pretty much I told Kenny I was going to pick Hayden early from day care (oh yeah I forgot to mention I FINALLY got a new car! It's a bright blue [ugh] 98 Cavalier). He said okay and that he was going to go study then come over. I tried calling him around the time they usually get back to my house but his phone was off. I kept trying and I finally reached him and he said he was not coming over and told me to "be a parent". He didn't seem sober but I was pretty sure he wasn't drunk because he didn't have a lisp. So we argued and Hayden and I went to his house. His comes outside and starts screaming at me and I start crying and he's being mean and pushing and shoving me. So then his mom and uncle come outside and his uncle is just staring as always and the mom tells Kenny to get Hayden and to come inside so she can call the cops. They go inside and I go to leave and I say to his uncle "this is all your fault you promised you'd bring him over" and he smiles, pushes me to the ground and says he's going to bury me and my mom?!?! So then I leave and that's the last I've heard of them.

I wrote that for my FORMER lawyer (she decided she didn't want to take my case after all this restraining order BS). And now I can't have a lawyer because she worked for Legal Aid and I just don't have the money for a real attorney. Anyways, he filed for joint custody and at first I was worried about that because I really don't want Hayden at his house overnight because Kenny is a heavy drinker. Also, he got a restraining order on me by saying I tried to hit him and Hayden with my car! I tried everything I could to lift the order, or at least have it amended so Hayden and his DAY CARE (and a funny thing is that the director of the day care didn't even know! I had a friend go up there and talk to her and she said Miss Maria is going away for the weekend but to call her first thing Monday morning) are off the RO. I pleaded to the judge that he's only 15 m/o and he's delayed and in EI and has never been away from me overnight but the judge "didn't want to go against" the judge who granted the RO's wishes but WTF is the point of everything I did if that was going to happen! The only said he said I can do is call DYFS which I did but the lady who came to our houses said that if Kenny's house wasn't good Hayden would have to go into foster home and ugh! Thankfully I guess she approved. But after all of this I really don't even care if he wants the joint custody or not because not seeing (but at least being able to contact Hayden) for a weekend is SO MUCH better than not being able to do anything except wait for a court date 8 days after. I found a lawyer with a good price. Oh and on the 30th one of the judge's ladies called me and told me Kenny's lawyer had to adjourn (spelled right?) the hearing on the 31st to the 8th and WTF!! So I called up my lawyer who was able to get a phone conference between him and the judge and Kenny's lawyer which is kind of funny considering well how was he not able to be there but able for a phone? I don't know. My lawyer said the judge said to Kenny's lawyer to arrange for parenting time and also the date was changed again from the 8th to the 4th. I just want to see Hayden and I want everything back to the way it was 'cos Kenny was a life saver, here everyday and just helped out with my routine and it makes me less frustrated. After the RO hearing (8/4) the judge granted the FRO not because of what he alleged (there wasn't enough evidence) but because a legal dispute I got into with Kenny's friend Kev back in JANUARY! Also it said in the FRO that our lawyers are supposed to work out visitation (which they haven't) until a DYFS investigation is completed, then we go back to court for custody/visitation/??. I just wanted joint custody with Kenny like it was originally planned for.

Well it's been 47 days and I still have not seen Hayden. It's really killing me and nobody wants to help. My lawyer isn't and Kenny's lawyer just doesn't give a crap. I talk to the courts and DYFS and they all say there is nothing they can do. Like this is getting to be so much I just wanna kill myself since obviously I have nothing left to live for. Sitting around all day doing nothing is not fun. I really don't know... life just fucking sucks now... I knew never to trust Kenny. The court system here in NJ is BULLSHIT!!! UGH!!

I spoke with my lawyer's paralegal and since Kenny's lawyer did finally send something but "Kenny" aka his mom apparently wants me to have court supervised visitation. Awesome, I really don't care where it is. I spoke with her on Friday so hopefully I will be able to see Hayden this coming week! This is really killing me and I miss him and Kenny so much and I really have no idea why Kenny did this shit, like yeah we were having really rough times but I kept telling him I wanted to work things out so we can be friends but obviously he hates me that much. I also found out he was cheating on me for like a year and he lied to the girl when I was pregnant in April (yeah for a third time. I should have kept it, I'd be like 30 weeks now). And you know what I really don't care about anything I really still care about him even though he has put me through more than hell. He and Hayden are and always and forever be my everything.

I started school a couple weeks ago. I am already failing. Enough said.

I work for Halloween again.

I've mostly been hanging out with Martene and that's about it. I miss Dana but I guess she doesn't wanna hang out with me 'cos she knows I shouldn't be smoking.

Oh and my grandpa finally died on the 21st.

Here are some videos and pictures from the past couple weeks...

From the show Martene, Lori, and Adam went to a couple weeks ago. They sound much better not live LOL... listen http://www.myspace.com/wheretheshadowslie

Thing from my grandpa's funeral

Hayden drumming

Hayden and Ra

The buccaneer/boat ride of terror. Seriously. We almost died and kept flying out of our seat.

Martene and I at the beach.

Took my eyebrow ring out if I didn't mention it before...

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Last time I took these were 10/25/06. Almost two years ago... less see how much more fucked up I am now. Here's from the last time -- http://x-dingbat-x.livejournal.com/127951.html?mode=reply.

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So I got a tattoo on Friday (Kenny's birthday, what a coinkydink). It's of Kenny's signature... why? Well he has this qoute with this razor sign my wrist, so everyone knows who left me like this... and I thought okay well no one has left you like anything, um you're the one who pretty much fucked up everything and stole my son from me, you left me like everything.

Now I want to get Hayden's name tattooed on my other wrist but in Kenny's handwriting... I don't think that's going to be happening any time soon since I'd have to ask him to write his name (I just used something he has signed before as the stencil)...

This is it... on my wrist of course.


I could not look and I kept making faces... I hate seeing needles go into my body.

This is me plus Martene's mom Lori (next to me), Martene (in the middle with the cutoff shirt), and the band Shadows Lie (minus their drummer) at the Junkyard... I look so bad =P

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Okay there's been alot of shit going on between Kenny and I that I don't really want to discuss here but if you want to know then send me and iM, my AIM SN is on my userinfo. I'm just posting these to see if maybe he'll read them.




At first I thought you'd probably tear this up, but then I realized that maybe you’d like to hear what I have to say to you without us arguing. Be careful though, it may be hurtful, but it’s the truth.


            First of all you asked me to have your child and it was kind of strange… I know you regret what happened before then. I loved you and I don’t know why I went through with Hayden’s pregnancy considering all the reasons… and of course as we are here today, I knew I was right.


            So then I was pregnant, and honestly, I really don’t think you gave a damn about me. For example, leaving me around Halloween and then dating Christine. Also, when I lived in those two places you (not your uncle) never tried to financially support Hayden and I (even though it wasn’t really an obligation) and you still don’t work. Even with Hayden’s complications, it still didn’t seem like you cared. The only time I can honestly remember you doing something nice and that I loved was when you gave me that ring and even that died.


            Fast forward to now. It seemed that you were content with the we were raising Hayden until suddenly I get a complaint for custody, in the mail and it’s like WTF?! If you wanted all of this stuff, we could have talked it over but why didn’t you want to? Then Tuesday night you and your mom totally set me up and why the hell would you do that if you want me to “be a parent”? One second you’re saying this then the next your mom is commanding you to take him out of my car and bring him inside so she can call the cops on me for doing nothing! And you know I left ‘cos every time that happens she makes me into the bad guy and I get in trouble for false allegations. Please stop drinking so we can actually have a meaningful conversation and not violent arguments. I really know that’s what you want except the not drinking part and I understand it’s tough to beat and I do admit to sometimes encouraging it by buying you drinks at like the bowling alley, but that’s so you can have fun and not be bored.


            Another thing I wanted to say is that it seems like your mom totally controls you. She won’t let my dad talk to you and she even speaks for you like then with my dad and when she called Hayden out of daycare when we both know you’re fully capable of doing it yourself. You’re 23 years old without a job and/or education and why not? I know you want to. Please take control of your own life – I did many years ago.


            I hope you are having fun with Hayden and I hope he’s enjoying his stay with you. You know how overwhelmed I can get with him and I thank you for being there almost all the time for me and we both know I was and am good to Hayden even though I did what you didn’t like and vice versa (for example, me giving him tastes/bites of junk food, you watching TV while playing). But besides these things and others, you and I both know we are great parents and Hayden loves us sooooooooo much. SO why deny him one of his favorite people and expect he and I not to mind and hurt? I really fucking miss him and I’m sure he misses me too, if he still even remembers me. ::cries::


            I really want to apologize but what am I apologizing for? We both have done some pretty mean things to each other and I’m not asking for everything to be fine ‘cos if definitely isn’t but I want us to raise Hayden unrestrained and together so he can grow up to be a great person. I’ve suggested us going to counseling multiple times to try to work on our communication to be calmer and more efficient. We both know the communication is pretty bad between us, as you can see by this letter and previous ones ‘cos you don’t let me have a chance to say my opinions/thoughts/feelings on things.


            Well, I hope you made it this far into reading, and I thank you for that. I hope you can understand my point of view and not think I am trying to “win you back” ‘cos I guess and you say it’s never going to happen again, so I will think of you now as my partner-in-parenting and I guess hopefully the feelings of love and “hate” will go away so we can focus on this partnership for the sake of Hayden ‘cos he’s all that matters now.


Never and Now,                          







            It’s 11:30pm and I can’t sleep ‘cos all I want to do is cry. This is total bullshit and you’re always changing your mind and fucking christ man! All I am to you is a fucking surrogate egg donor (does that even make sense?)! Maybe I’ll carve the word donor in my leg right next to your initials but I’ll go to deep and bleed to death and of course that’s what you want ‘cos I aborted your children and I must go through the same “pain and suffering” you and they did right? ‘Cos you’re allowed to torment me ‘cos you had a bad life so you can take it out on me and that’s not fair and yeah I’m blaming you for this ‘cos I’m everyone else’s scapegoat (including yours obviously) so now it’s my turn. Seriously, are you fucking happy now?! ‘Cos if so, I would have never wanted you to be happy and more reason to agree that you lied about us and everyone’s talking shit about you and it’s making me feel like shit… it’s like why are you going to make everything worse and I still don’t even if I’m mad at you or not I’m just disappointed in myself for knowing something bad’s going to happen and going through with it anyway. Also, I keep writing to you ‘cos you can understand me and I’ll talk to my “friends” and they don’t really care expect Dana which is also why now I can never say I want a “normal life” ‘cos sitting around all day at the computer chain smoking and not doing anything is really “normal” right?! And of course I guess you can say it wasn’t normal before but I got used to it. I think I’d rather be a parent than be a bum though. And also what I don’t get is if annoy you sooo frickin’ much, then you should have talked to me about it instead of ignoring me. Maybe things wouldn’t gotten out of hand. Man, I just feel like the world’s stupidest person. Sorry for being one of the very few people in your life who actually cares about you. Some people want to say that’s why I’m a bitch, but I just realized that could be true. Example: I say something to you and you don’t like it or whatever. So you won’t respond and it’s like WTF?! Why can’t you just be honest with me? There’s nothing to be embarrassed about and if I get upset at least I won’t get mad and almost all the times we’d resolve whatever, but not when one of us is mad ‘cos obviously it just fucks shit up, big time. UGH!!!! WHY?!?!?! Looks, it just helps me deal. Sorry. Well, it’s 12:05am and I just don’t know. I want to go to sleep, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to. ::sigh::




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soooo i'm verrrry in need of an update.

last real update (without videos and senseless stuff) was in the beginning of january, when baby j was only 8 months old, i was working at staples, and i was into a guy who i will not mention on here (and if you are reading this from my LJ or DJ, um yeah i'm sure you remember).

now, hayden is one year old! he is 24 pounds (3 times his birth birth weight) and 30 inches. he loves to eat and he will cry and cry and cry if you are eating anything in front of him, even if he doesn't like. of course, i have to give in and give him a nibble, unless it's peanut butter 'cos that's the only thing he can't have.

we had his birthday party at mastori's and it was blah. like yeah i really hated kenny that day because he decided getting drunk and partying was much more important than his son's birthday. but on a good note, he got lots of fun toys and clothes. Collapse )

i'm sure you know of his "complications" aka ventriculomegaly. because of his slowness, he's delayed, but since we started early intervention with him in feburary, he has inproved sooooo much. right before he started it (but after his consulation, since they gave us some homework), he was able to belly crawl and roll around, and that was his only means of transportation. now he can actually crawl on all fours, and can pull up and cruise like there is no tomorrow, and it's frickin' annoying that he wants to climb all over me, he needs a jungle gym. but it's sooooo adorable in the morning when he wakes up when he stands up in his crib and 'sings' to me to wake me up. but he still has a balance problem and doesn't like to walk holding on to our hands and can't stand by himself or with us only holding one of his hands. he also really can't say any words but he can say daddy!<333 he loves him so much and they are so adorable together. he can also say mama and kee ka which is for the cats. but we know what he wants. his neuro wants him to be able to say 3 real words (ball, cup, etc.) by the next time we see her (in june).

we took him to the aquarium on friday, and he seemed to enjoy it. i thought it would have been better, but whatever. kenny and i touched the things you can touch, but hayden couldn't reach lol. Collapse )

but besides hayden, there's school and work for me. i am currently unemployeed but luckily i am going to see a lady at harry's (a sportsman store) today, she needs weekend cashiers so woo fucking hoo if she can hook me up. oh yeahh my breeze died in feburary =( jiffy lube fucked up and broke my rear main seal and i was leaking oil like crazy and i didn't have the money to keep putting oil in it, so driving around w/o oil = dead engine. my dad decided to buy w/o my permission a 5 speed camry, um yeah i tried and tried again to get the hang out it, i mean i can but i just can't get going very well, so i'm afraid to drive it. i'm trying to sell it but no one wants it. with school, i was taking eng101 and his112, well i dropped the history class 'cos it was bull, and the english well yeah i just really didn't like the work, the teacher was okay. i was such a bitch in my papers and i felt bad for the guy 'cos he had to read it. i'm doing good in my math class even though i haven't been going, i figure as long as i'm doing good on the tests and i know i'll do good on the final. in my psych class, i thought i was going to get an a but it will probably be a +b because we had to a paper on a theorist and britney spears, well yeah i just couldn't do it, but i was able to do most of it. like, there's 6 parts to it. first we had to pick the theorist, then do 2 annotated (sp?) bibliographies

oh yeah hayden also had his first dentist appointment last thursday. they actually cleaned all of his 8 teeth with that read stuff and some floride. he got a fox puffy sticker as his treat =]

and kenny still doesn't have a job or his ged. but that's not suprising.

Collapse )